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Hello and welcome to this site which will basically be an access point to my Youtube videos.

It isn't just Glasgow videos that are up on my Youtube site. It's various other parts of Scotland too.

Hope you like it!

NOTE: I'm not Jihadi John or personally know Jihadi John. Get a grip of yourself.

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River Clyde Walkway Sign at Rutherglen Bridge
River Clyde Walkway near Rutherglen Bridge
River Clyde Walkway at Dalmarnock Bridge

JUNE 2014: "" now links back to this site.

Don't know what I'm going to do with it yet but I've added a link to my Youtube page that shows you
all the "Clyde Walkway" videos there. Click here for those videos..

JUNE 9TH 2014: "" now links back to this site.

JUNE 11TH 2014: "" now links back to this site. Probably will make a site containing
the last footage of it before the bulldozers moved in.

AUGUST 27TH 2014: Bought "" and it now links back to this site.

JANUARY 13TH 2015: Bought a few more domains that link back to this site.

JULY 23RD 2015: Bought the domain.

SEPTEMBER 10TH 2015: Bought the domain.

MAY 31st 2016: Bought Perfect domain for here

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